White papers on Motion Design by Styleforces™

White papers on Motion Design by Styleforces™


Message in a bottle to all motion design lovers out there. For curious people that using After effects. To grow, to inspire, to build a better work ethic.

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Gareth McKinney
Creative Director at Styleforces

Hi! My name is Gareth.
Let's back to the roots!

I wondered for a while about what approach should I take to make this conversation between Us. When I started my adventure with design and animation, I spent a lot of time on mailing groups. Maybe it's nostalgia, maybe I remember good times I had and tons of new friends I've made. In any case, as you can see, we are heading towards the good old newsletter and with the same premeditation, we will reach the roots of motion design.

You are welcome!

What will you find


The sources of inspiration have no limits unless we put them on ourselves. Each of us has our optics developed by what we have worked on.
I would like to offer you mine, show you the people, studies, books, things, and sources that inspired me over the last few years.

Project Files

Many of you wrote to me to find out how we did specific things, I will catch up on the backlog and I will post them on the newsletter from time to time. So you will be able to check yourself how we do it.

Tutorials & Resources

We get tons of emails about tutorials. It's really hard to do a good tutorial in the meantime of daily projects, but finally, we managed to start a Youtube channel. In this newsletter, You will get every update from Youtube, links to unlisted tuts, and additional resources with my comment. 

That's all for now. This newsletter will always be in beta and I will develop it with you. If you have any suggestions or questions, please write to me. Let's build something awesome together!



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